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Piracy is understood to mean the broadcast of copyright protected films without the consent of the rightful owners. People broadcasting these without permission are called "pirates".

We remind you that W&L videos are copyright protected.

More and more copyright-protected files are being downloaded illegaly. Saving music and films illegal files on a computer leads to the following securities issues:
_ Viruses: illegally downloaded files contain viruses which can damage individual computers.
_ Spyware: users of on-line file-sharing services experience problems with spyware, whereby external parties gain access to confidential information (such as credit card information).
_ Firewall: file sharing programs create an open door between computer users and the internet; millions of anonymous users have access to your computer and can use your credit card on line.

Pirate sites offer subscriptions to download films or to view them directly from the website without having to download. These websites owners and their users incur penalties:
_ A fine of $700 to $ 700 000.
_ A prison sentence from 3 months to 3 years.

These are the reasons why we congratulate you and thank you for not using these pirate sites and for using W&L website (which is very secure).

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