Wrestlers and Lutteurs wish you welcome!

Wrestlers and Lutteurs pits tough, experienced fighters from a range of martial arts disciplines (wrestling, judo, sambo, pancrase, free fighting etc) against each other in uninhibited NHB competition.

The bouts can be grouped into two categories:

_ Fights with no time limit: the winner is the person who achieves the first submission hold down. He accepts a second challenge with the same opponent if the latter requests it. If the opponent wins the second bout, the two competitors must decide the match in a heat (which should definitely be hot by this time!).
_ Fights with a time limit of 25 minutes: an adjudicator keeps a note of the number of submission hold downs achieved by both competitors to find the winner.


All W-and-L fighters are competition fighters from the regions of Nord-Pas-de-Calais (major town: Lille), Wallonia (major town: Charleroi), the Rhône-Alpes region (major town: Lyon) and the Languedoc region (major town: Montpellier). They are county, national and even international standard competitors (for example Benjamin, Miguel, Joris, Christophe, Ronald and Benoît who often take part in the judo and free style wrestling World Championships, and Sylvain 1er who was a member of the French national judo team, France B).



W&L pits tough, experienced fighters from a range of martial arts disciplines: Wrestling Free Fight Free Fighting Grappling Pancrase Vale Tudo Free fight Cage fight Ultimate fighting Extreme fighting Kage fight Mixed fight Kage Kombat Fight Fighting