Send your comments to
They will be put on line after we have cut out your name and prename (unless you specifically request otherwise).

I just saw your video Balèzes 1. Fight 2. What can I say? A nasty aggressive fighter (Christophe) who uses every trick to dominate a fair fighting opponent (Joris). It was so unfair and so. exciting! I mean, Christophe taunts Joris the whole time, he kicks Joris when he's on the ground, he hits and squeezes Joris' family jewels, he keeps the painful submission holds even when Joris subimits just to add pain and humiliation. In few words, it was an amazing realistic dirty fighting video. The final scene, with poor Joris on the ground holding his crotch in pain and Christophe gloating in triumph, was a perfect end. Please, more matches of this kind!

I just wanted to let you know how good your product is, and the matches in general! The matches are fast paced, aggressive, the fighters work hard, sweat and strain, and they look awesome doing it! They are talented and trained fighters and you need to make many more videos and faster!
Thanks again for many hours of pleasure and wrestling to come! Have a great day...

Hello Norbert and W&L--

First of all, I want to know why orders that come from practically around the corner here in the states take weeks, sometimes months to get here, and your package from ACROSS THE FUCKING OCEAN got here in like 3 days! Merci, merci, merci for your incredibly professional and so fast service! I got the box yesterday and am very tired this morning! You are absolutely the most efficient and best produced wrestling company out there! And Christophe 2 is AMAZING! I thought that his match against Pascal would be harder for him than the other two, but boy was I wrong! Freddy was very aggressive and sneaky, but Damiano was just plain mean! Several times, he would not release the choke or submission hold even after C2 tapped with hands and or feet! Once, he even said "No", in my very broken French! What incredible matches--all 3 of them! But Christophe is such a perfect fighter--young, good looking face, perfectly proportioned and strong body--abs that the rest of us would kill for--legs like tree trunks, arms strong yet streamlined and pleasing to the eye--can you clone him? I cannot wait for more of his matches! I haven't had a chance yet to see any of the other matches, but I'll let you know whom else I would like to see him against...From the description of the other matches, I would think that Ara would be a good competitor for him, but I'll have to watch his match against Sylvain.

My copy of CADORS 1 arrived yesterday. Thank you for the excellent service.
The video quality is outstanding. The quality of the matches is excellent. Since I am older, I really appreciated the first match (Pascal vs Christophe 2). Perhaps this will teach the "kids" to respect their elders. Hah!
Anyway, you have an excellent product. You have a great site. Even with the current exchange rate, your videos are still a good purchase; the quality compensates for the price.
Please give my regards to your athletes. They have at least one enthusiastic American fan.
Thank you, or should I say "merci"?


Norbert […]
I have known Bob for about a year now. We speak by phone every Sunday and email each other nearly every day. We are both W&L fans. I like the no ref format. Points, rules, and refs get in the way of a good submission fight. Regards,

Norbert--Yes, another one! [W&L note: he means another order] You're gonna make me wait in bread lines soon! But I will be in line happy and smiling though! Decided that I needed the other Christophe 2 match, and I think Ara/Yung is on that one too--maybe also a Benoit/Damian match??? In the Christophe 2/Freddy match, was Benoit the one who was fanning off Freddy with the towel? Just wondering...Thanks for telling Christophe 2 that he has ANOTHER major fan here. […] Allright, well have a great weekend...

I like Yung, Christopher, Benjamin, Elvis, Benoit, Damien, Chrsitoiphe2. I like the ones with flat, muscle bellies Yung and Elvis!!! But I do not always hope for them to win. I like to see them get tamed. Like when Pascal tamed Elvis or when Damien overwhelmed Benoit or Sylvain tied down Yung. I dont know what it is about me.....i like to see the bad guys win.
I wanted Pascal to grab some rope and hogtie Elvis. Elvis is absolutely perfect in musculature, but he is not the best wrestler in this fight. Pascal ate him for lunch.
I wonder for instance if Damien is cocky around Benoit.....if he intimidates him at practice or just in general to remind him who is boss. Or if Ara ever taunts Yung or puts him in a headlock at practice to remind him of the beating on the mat.
I do not know much about Christophe 2, but would like to see someone dominate him on the mat. The only match you have is against someone who cannot hold a candle to him.

W&L reply: want to see someone dominate Christophe 2 on the mat? Watch Cadors 1…

Suggestions for match
I have always wanted to see the following matches:
Patrick vs Eric
Patrick vs Pascal
Bruno vs Eric

I apologize for being late in responding to you. I had so many emails these last few days! I know that Pascal has already wrestled Patrick. I know Patrick wants to take on Pascal once more in (at least) one of the next tournaments. One day, one of these fights will certainly be on a DVD. The same goes for Patrick vs Eric and Bruno vs Eric. The problem is that we have so many bouts that deserve to be edited; however, the choice is not easy to make! Thanx for the interest you have shown in our productions.
Friendly yours, Norbert

Norbert--Good to hear back from you! Unexpected additional information about Christophe 2! I'm really not sure which of his matches I enjoyed more, but all 3 were great...He really held his own against all 3 guys but seemed to be the most worn down in his match against Damiano. I really would love to see him against Ara! I finally watched Ara's match against Sylvain--you really have to feel sorry for him--what happened to him at the end there? Did he really pass out? He really took a beating, and Ara is relentless! And he did a lot more picking up and throwing than some of the others--more pro-style in addition to submission style. Did Sylvain hurt his legs or his head--it was hard to tell...I would love to see Ara/Christophe 2! Has that been filmed yet? I am sure it is inevitable! Any information about future matches and/or sneak-peak pictures will always been welcome! Have a great weekend, and always good hearing from you...

I would like to know if there are any rules for the W&L wrestling, or is it ‘anything goes’ (i.e. no rules)? Also, what is your most AGGRESSIVE match where there are many armbars or armlocks and anklelocks or leglocks used to make the opponent tap-out and where they usually talk stuff to them and make them beg for mercy before they let them out? What is the name of the tape and who are the two wrestlers on the tape or which match is it? Also, is there a ref nearby when the match is going on or no ref at all?

W&L bouts are submission wrestling fights: no holds barred. Punches are not allowed in theory, but in some particularly aggressive matches, fighters hit each other using their fists, feet, elbows, shins and heads and the sub-wrestling descends to the level of a street fight! This occurs very often because there is no referee at all.
There are aggressive matches in all the films. For example, the Benoit-Mourad fight (in Guerriers 1) is one of them. Buy it; you’ll love it!
Friendly yours, Norbert

[…] I also especially like when your camerman makes long, slow close-ups of the fighters while they're warming up...great body shots...and he gets so close during the matches! I'm worried sometime for him that he'll get smacked in the head or worse break the camera! The closest other wrestling we have here to what you do is *** with their star Max ***...Do you know this company? Also, some great matches, just not as aggressive and physical as your's...I guess they don't take as many chances and are generally not as rough as your guys, but that's what make your productions so great!

Hi Norbert,
The fights are fantastic, and the quality is incredible!
Thank you so much for all your efforts.
Kind regards,

Greetings, I am in the Film & Video Production Field and have in the past ordered other companies DVD's. Many of them do not play correctly or at all....I believe the Disc's to be DVD-R. I was told that your DVD's play 100% of the time. What type of DVD Disc's do you use and do you do the duplication in house or send it out? Also The labeling looks very professional as well and I was very impressed & curious to know. In my experiences I often run into playback problems of my Burned DVD' with clients. I use DVD-R Disc's. I have read that the burn speed and media affect the playback outcome alot...Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,

W&L reply : no, we do not do the duplication in house. (That would take too much time as we make thousands of copies.) We send the film to a factory in Germany that makes the copies.

Bonjour Norton!
I LOVE your films. I think they are the best in the world! All of the wrestlers are very skilled…and very beautiful! I will always support you and the wrestlers. Please tell all the wrestlers that I think they are superb!!

Norbert’s reply: my name is Norbert (not Norton!)

I hope you recognize one of your greatest English fans. I have bought 8 videos from you and enjoyed them all very much. But tell me, what do the titles mean (Bagarreurs, Balezes, etc)? I have a video which must date from around 1990 of Steve Sterling wrestling what could be a young Pascal in California. Did he ever? If he came over here and wrestled me I could show him it!
Best wishes

Yes, I remember you!
Balezes means “strong hunks with lots of stamina”. Bagarreurs means “Brawlers”. We always use titles meaning that the guys are strong, aggressive and manly fighters. We also use titles meaning “fights, brawls, etc” like Baston, Castagne, Rixe, etc.
Yes, Pascal wrestled in California when younger. He took part in different wrestling tournaments, with a large audience or with a restricted audience in private locations. A few of them have been videotaped.
Thanx for your interest in our productions.
Friendly yours

To be honest, I found the VHS tapes to be of such a great quality, that I prefered them over the DVD's of all other companies!!
The fights are amazing, and I especially liked Yung's fights. They're all great fighters!
Will definitely be ordering more!

Hi Norbert

I said I would give you my comments on the last 5 DVDs I bought, so here goes. Enjoyed them all, so am only going to make minor points.
Bagarreurs 1. Fantastic first two bouts – very skilled, aggressive and athletic. Going to look out especially for bouts with Geoffrey and Joris.
Caids 1. Again, took to Benoit and also to Damien. Lots of attitude here which can’t be faked. Thought the Ara-Yung was too one-sided to work very well though good wrestling within the limits of disproportionate weights.
Costauds 1. Bit miffed that the wrestling between Damien and Fabrice took 8 minutes to start; lot of money to pay for watching guys jump up and down. But, wrestling was wild and woolly when it did start, which I liked. Really appalling lighting in the next bout, Yvon/Ronald. Great shame as they have great physiques. Great wild bout between Benjamin and Christophe. Like a kick to the balls occasionally!
Embrouille. Glad to see Yung against someone his own size. Enjoyed the fast good wrestling; also in next bout, Miguel/Cheme. Pascal/Alex – great waste of Pascal who didn’t seem very sharp anyway.
Molosses 1. Again, far too long before the wrestling started, but great bout when Damiano and Miguel got going. Geoffrey has great attitude; Frank was a bit of an enigma. The Elvis/Pascal bout was a muscle feast, Pascal getting the last-minute submission.
So, expect another order presque tout de suite.

My name is *** and I live in Denmark
I like armwrestling and wrestling
Like videos with Elvis, Pascal and those muscled guys, are there many video-clips on your website with these guys?

(Note from W&L Production: Pascal and Elvis wrestle in many videos. You can watch them in clips “Balèzes 1, Embrouille 1, Molosses 1, Rixe 1, Baston 2, Cadors 1”)

Hi Norbert,
I really love the videos I purchased and just wanted to send off some recommendations. I really really enjoy your videos, and I really adore Joris and Benjamin- but I'd love to see you do a judo DVD. Perhaps start with a couple of judo lads, say Joris and Benjamin, running through the ways to win in judo- all the pins, armlocks and strangles, along with some base throws, then a three match tournament involving four judo lads (my choices would of course be Joris, Benjamin, Christophe and Ronald would be the four I'd like to see) to crown a W&L Judo champion. Perhaps the rules are the guys can't fix their gi's, but they always must remain on...

I really, really like all of Joris' matches, and Damien is such a cocky lad that he's very cool to watch. How about having Joris and another lad into judo going into a judo bout with no time limit and submissions (by pin, strangle or armlock) being the only way to win. Or have four judo lads in three matches crown the judo champ of W&L. I'd love to see Joris and Benjamin grappling in their judo gi's, demonstrating the various pins, armlocks, strangles and throws.

Bonjour and congratulations W&L. I ordered 2 of your tapes and I must say they are the best I have ever seen. All of your wrestlers are very skilled and there is no pretending in their fighting. These boys and men fight full force and it is wonderful to see! I hope you continue to offer these high quality matches for a very long time!

I have quickly become a HUGE fan of W&L!

Hello again, Norbert:
I received a copy of Guerriers 1 last Monday. I've only had time to watch combat no. 2 between Damiano and Christophe 2 and it is really superb, as expected!
Best regards,

Hi Norbert.....yes I finally bought CAIDS> the previews were not enough .....I want to see the full video of Damian disciplining the elder Benoit. And there is no preview for Ara beating Yung...but i cant wait to see. i am shocked that Ara mastered Yung.. Yung looks like he would be the winner...such a muscled belly and Arms......I would think Ara would need rope to restain Yung but apparently he out wrestled him. Cant wait to see.

Hi, when will we see another video featuring Damien and Fabrice? They were awesome in their first video, will you be selling any new videos with either of them soon? Thanks.

Have seen your website, great, great.
Have seen some of the video.clip great. great.
There are not clip of every fight, some of the first, is that correct?
I like to see wrestling with the big guys, Elvis, Sylvain 1, Yvon, Pascal, Omar Regards

i am envious of yung's belly. so flat! when he gets sylvain or benoit, like a crododile's stomach full of stretched rips. his navel goes inside-out. looks painful. he seems vulnerable to rear choking.

Hi Norbert:
I just received my first two tapes on Friday and enjoy them immensely. The wrestlers are terrific and the holds are incredible to watch. I have just sent you my second order as of a few minutes ago. I now look forward to dealing with you often. Your prices, shipping and delivery time, are the best on the net. I cant find wrestling like this anywhere. Thanks so much - I am looking forward to my two tapes of Yung -- He looks great . (Canada)

I saw another one of your downloads, i have downloaded 6 of them now and this is the best wrestling I have ever seen. Thank you so much Norbert. (Canada)

Hi Norbert
Thanks so much for your service. I have found very few companies that sell good submission wrestling. The best one I have found on the entire net was one called ***. I can tell just by some of your downloads that your style of wrestling is way better than that and I have been buying from them for years now. I got to your website from a link on the Turkish wrestling website. I am so glad I found it. After viewing the tapes, I will get back to you, but I am really looking forward to it for sure.
Thanks and have yourself a good weekend. (USA)

I am very impressed with your site. I came across it by being on the Turkish wrestling site. They have you as a link, and I am glad they do, because I downloaded some of your vids and they look great. This is some of the best wrestling I have seen on the web. I am planning to order soon. (Canada)

Hi Norbert,
My three tapes have arrived and watched the first one last night. Very enjoyable. I very much like the touch of class with Beethoven's Fifth. Why not? Also the fact that the guys really concentrated on wrestling. Wasn't just punching, slapping and cursing profanities at each other. Look forward to the other two tapes. (USA)

Just had the chance to see your Caids video and find out that you have Embrouille on the way (can't wait for that one). I promised that I would send comments about Caids, so here they are: Match 1 - Christophe #1 has met his match with his #2 namesake and only his longer experience saved him from defeat. Chris #1 heavier out of trim body showed as Chris #2 took him down repeatedly. The wrestling was intense , as usual, and filled with brutal holds and muscle straining reversals. Chris #1 could not dominate his namesake, though he made him submit frequently. It was only after Chris #1 used his street fighting attack that he was able to finally win. If there will be a re-match I have no doubt that Chris #1 will be de-throned by his namesake, a good wrestler and a trim, well muscled guy. Match #2(Benoit-Damien) proved to be a struggle from start to finish with the intensity getting stronger every minute, the holds applied to physically dominate the opponent, and wrestling between two studs that refused to be beaten. A match made in heaven. Both wrestlers deserved to win. Match #3(Ara -Yung) was a classic struggle between a good wrestler (Yung)who was beaten in every category by a wrestler that could not be held back once he was on the mat. Yung takes a beating but should not be put down because he gave the kind of wrestling that makes W&L one of the best in the business. (USA)

Hello Norbert,
Thanks for your message and acknowledgement of my order, which I am looking forward to receiving. I am sure I will enjoy the videos/dvd, judging by the looks of Pascal, muscular, masculine, no holds barred dude. I come to Paris a couple of times a year and would be great to meet up with some guys interested in wrestling. I'm in great physical condition. Work out 6 days/week...
Regards, (USA)

Hi Norbert
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Damien is an exceptional fighter. Tough, skillful and has a 'take no prisoners' attitude. Exactly what is required for an exceptional subwres. I respect him quite alot.
I believe that the videography of W&L may be superior to any I have seen. Very skillful. I would suggest that any opportunities for close-ups should be pursued.
You manage a fine site- competetitve prices, excellent wrestling action, totally committed/do-or-die wrestlers, exceptional videography, prompt/reliable shipment, friendly and responsive customer service. A formula for success.
My compliments, (USA)

There is a minmum of warm-up, exercise time. More wrestling value for the customer.
Subwres is a young man's sport in my opinion. Not a sport for middle age, overweight guys. Regardless of the fact that they were fine competitors in their youth.
In all 3 matches we see intense action. Strong competition. Technical expertise both offensively and defensively. Especially match 1.
Joris declares victory prematurely in match 1. This is an even match unless one just counts submissions which is not an accurate measure of performance. Endurance, offense, defence, and toughness must be taken into account prior to declaring a winner. And these characteristics are present in all 3 matches to the degree that neither of these matches demonstrate a decisive winner.
Alex is impressive and in terms of dominant control of the match is superior in the final analysis.
Miguel v Ara is an outstanding competition. Both wrestlers are physically exceptional; impressive endurance; mental toughness off the scale. And there is significant evidence from both wrestlers that each of them are technically highly competent. There are no decisive winners in any of these matches. Time for rematches. Any significant delay will not be helpful as these fine athletes are advancing in age. I would be pleased to purchase a dvd/tape of the rematch.
Norbert, have you ever considered a teen competition? The fighters would range in age from 16-19. W&L is one of the few sites from which I purchase. And I own more then 300 matches. Accordingly, what can you tell me about Pascal? Age, weight, etc. I have some familiarity with the other wrestlers competing in your next release. The videography of the matches on W&L is superior. My compliments to your videographer. I also appreciate your willingness to respond freely to my emails. Quite refreshing. NOTHING BEATS SERVICE ANJD PERSONAL RESPONSE TO THE CUSTOMER. FELICITATIONS!
I hope this email finds you healthy, prosperous, and happy. (USA)

I have now Watched your video clips on your website and must say, that you have a number of very hard young fighters. But the one I think to be your very best fighter is Joris. He seems to be a real sportsman who knows fighting and is also able to bear pain and doesn't like to give up. So I have two wishes: 1. I really hope to get a fight against him! Please tell me, how we can manage to do this! 2. I hope, he will always be sucessfull in his fights (except the one against me ;)) and will one time win a real hard freestyle match, because I think, he also can resist strikes an will be able to win such a match without any rules, too. (Germany)

Hi Norbert
I most certainly do like Caids....all the matches. I think 2 is my favorite; however, all of therm are well worth the price. Videography is fine; picture clarity/definition is good. Action is aggressive and the fighters show versatility both offensively and defensively. Fine competitive athletes. I like the 'take no prisoners' tone of the matches.
I would like to see more outdoor matches such as match 3.
This tournament is well worthy of W&L. (USA)

Thanks for the reply.
I am sorry I will be leaving London Dec 19th so I cannot attend any bouts in January, but maybe next summer if you do them, I should be back in Europe. Keep me on your list to notify.
If you do any more DVD's, let me know. I have enjoyed the two I bought....good camera work for the most part, and good wrestling.
Thanks, (USA)

Hi Norbert
I did enjoy the dvd - excellent wrestling skills. I would prefer slightly more close-ups and less shots from the balcony (seems a shame not to make the most of all those muscles, hard work and sweat!) I thought the close-up at the beginning of the guys warming up was excellent - lots more of that with all the wrestlers please! And more body punching would be cool - love the extra passion when they do lose their tempers!! - and if you can get them to include perhaps a few more “traditional” submission holds, that would be good, although from experience, they're usually very hard to use effectively in a real competitive fight.

By the way, loved the held-on hammerlock in the trailer for caids - it was what persuaded me to buy the video. More of those (held-on holds) please as well! All in all, excellent stuff - keep up the good work :)
Following on from that, I've just ordered a copy of Caids...
Thanks (Canada)

Dear Norbert,
I’ve received by mail the DVD "Caïds 1" this week. I liked it very much. Christophe 2 despite being younger, is a great wrestler. Combat number 1 is full of contrast due to the personality of Chistophe. It is amazing the sport capabilities of Benoît and Damien on the second combat as well. Ara, as usual, rules and Yung does a good job too. (Spain)

The DVD arrived yesterday. Very good fights as always!! Reckon Christophe 1 is loosing his touch a bit though; he definitely went light on Christophe 2. (UK)

Just got my copy of Rixe 1. Enjoyed watching Sylvain man-handle Yung. Yung was impressive--muscles and moves. But Sylvain snared him. After a while it was like watching a cat playing with its prey. He kept toying with Yung and then letting him go....teasing him. Yung knew he would be the next meal, but Sylvain kept him guessing when the end would happen. Finally the play was over and Sylvain swallowed poor Yung whole.....that ultra "bridge/choke" was the best! Sylvain had him in his talons at that point.Yung was gasping for air and trying to get his feet on the ground. Sylvain just sung that choke on him. Yung tapped helplessly.
Thanks for the great video!! (USA)

You guys do a great job and produce a high quality product. (USA)

Hi Norbert, I just wanted to let you know that the order I recently placed... my 1st one from you guys was awsome! (USA)

Hello Norbert, your site still looks great and the wrestling as always is just terrific... I am looking forward to seeing more matches with Elvis, Pascal, Ronald, Yvon... any chance? Thanks again. (USA)

I've noticed in your wrestler pics that Pascal seems to like to pose in very brief posing pouches.
I wondered if he and another of your bigger wrestlers would be willing to video a private bout in that very brief gear.
The scene would be along the lines below, that I sent you 3 years ago (which you seemed to like).

Pascal and his opponent get into their sexy thong T-backs (or posing pouches), and decide 3 falls or submissions, using side headlocks, interlocked fingers, Japanese strangleholds, bearhugs, bodyscissors, full nelsons, backbreakers, single hand chinlocks, single hand throat grips, single hand camel clutches, boston crabs. Then they agree to pec claws, pec slaps, pec to pec grind, butt claws while face to face and from behind, butt slaps, muscle worship while fighting, tongue wrestling, and pouch to pouch and pouch to butt grinding. They agree that climax inside their pouches counts as a KO. They agree first wrestler to 5 falls (or the most falls in half an hour fighting) is winner.

Then they flex and pose, and then the wrestling begins. Both wrestlers wear their posegear throughout the fight, no 100% nudity.
The fight would be a real fight.

Perhaps you would let me know how much such a video would cost to produce, assuming that the 2 big wrestlers would agree to such a bout. If there is no chance of their wanting to fight like this, then that closes the matter.
Look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely (UK)

(Note from W&L Prod. : Yes i hope your proposal will be accepted by the two wrestlers you mentioned. We have so many projects and so little time to make them reality! You should write new rules of fight and new gears for us because you have so good ideas about all this purpose!
I will ask Pascal and Elvis for such a fight. May be they can accept it because they are not shy, very proud of their muscles and they do not mind when they have to show their body as nude as possible.)

Hi Norbert,
Thanx a lot for the lastest dvd I bought off you, which was Costauds 1. Wow how sexy were these guys! I loved the youthful muscles on Damien and Fabrice, and although they both looked good in speedos, when it came to strength and experience and technique, Fabrice had the upperhand, although Damien worked his heart out to try and become a winner. But it was not to be! In n°2 fight, it was Ronald who outclassed and outmuscled the well built Yvon, who simply had no answer to Ronald’s superb dominence and ability to show up Yvon’s shortcomings!
Well what does one say about Christophe in battle n°3. What a cocky and arrogant performer. He can wrestle well without resorting to both dirty and rough street fight tactics (secretly I loved him for that) but he always tried to strangle the good looking and better muscled Benjamin out, when clearly he tapped out a submission. Trying to wear him down I think the phrase is. Yet it was the most enjoyable of all three.
I must see Mr Christophe in action again. A truly confident wrestler!
Well done I love them all!! (UK)

I was looking at your site and saw a photo of Pascal very muscled up but behind him there was a pro-wrestling match going on.
Did Pascal ever do professional wrestling in France and in those amazing trunks and with that highly erective physique?
If so were any of these bouts photographed or taped? I'd pay good Euros to see these.
Can you let me know? I'm a huge fan of Pascal. I trained at a Scottish guys wrestling club in London a few years ago and he told me Pascal was 100% walking stud and that he would have loved to have wrestled him on video.
If you have vid of Pascal doing pro-wrestling in public bouts I really would like to see and definitely buy them. (UK)

(Note from W&L Prod. : No, I'm very sorry about it, we have no other tape of Pascal's fights than the ones which are on sale on the web site unfortunately. W&L is a young line of wrestling films and we have no tape of our older wrestlers when they where younger. This is also the case for Thomas, Ronald, Elvis, Ghislain, Bruno, Patrick. I know that these fighters have a huge background in combat sports but unfortunately we have no tape of it.
Thank you for showing interest in W&L venture.)

W&L has the best wrestling videos on the market for real, hard, non-stop wrestling. The guys are good looking, have outstanding wrestling skills, stamina that has to be seen to be believed, and flips, throws, and takedowns like no other company. Everything about the production is great. (USA)

Norbert, your videos are always great! My favorites are the ones with the really muscular guys wearing the small speedos and there is a lot of chest to chest wrestling. Would like to see Elvis and Pascal in a match. Keep up the great work! (USA)

(Note from w&L Prod. : We have yet pitted Pascal and Elvis. They fight each other in Molosses 1. Have a look on the web site and look for this video: "Molosses 1". There is also a small preview of 6 minutes of this video and you can see Elvis and Pascal fighting.)

I am going to order another copy of Costauds 1 and do not want you to be confused. I watched Costauds with a friend. He loved it so much that I want to purchase one for him as a gift. So when you tell me that you understand I will order it. By the way I received Machomachie 4 and absolutely loved the first match between Benjamin and Joris. It was fabulous. That's my kind of wrestling. Thanks, (USA)

W-L has taken the sport to new heights, reaching a world-wide audience outside the stadium. Your videos appear to be designed as records of the fights, for the fighters and for other, still active fighters.
However, your videos have a wider audience and can be improved upon visually. You have already eliminated most distractions, no audience, no ref, no bleachers, no water bottles, etc. You have already brought in a variety of camera angles and edited for best angle for each move. You have already attracted and contracted excellent talent. But you leave too many design decisions to the combatants instead of taking more control for the visual integrity of your product.

For costuming, the two-layers of billowy shorts are a bad idea as they fragment the movement and distract from the action. It is like watching the fight broken up onto two monitors. Flawed. The less distracting the clothing, the better. Briefs should be form-fitting, move with the fighters, keeping the genitals covered and symmetrical, while exposing movements of muscles that have already been painstakingly exposed through proper dieting. Briefs should be of different colors to distinguish the fighters better during fast movements, but should not be patterened, flowered, or complicated (all of which is distracting and dating and amateurish looking). For example, a fight should consist of one fighter wearing red and the other black. Fighters can choose a color as football players choose a number to be consistent. But the color should be a solid color with perhaps a white stripe on the side which orients the axis of the body during flips and contortions.
The room is perfect already, containing three simple areas that are uncluttered and perfectly functional.
The fighters bodies should be shaved for the same visual reasons- clarity, liquid motion, definition, distractions removed. Focus on the fight.
Few of your videos are unflawed, yet all are worth the money, as the best submission wrestling videos the world has to offer, at this point. I only hope that you will grow more even more visually professional, motivated by your current successes.
Thank you for all your incredible workl!!! (USA)

The reason, incidentally, that I suspect 'Molosses 1' may well turn out to be your popular product is that it would appear to have such good variety; drop-dead gorgeous Damiano, a really tough and evenly fought battle in the middle, then finally a veritable clash of the hunks (The interplay between 'Elvis the Pelvis' and 'Pascal the Pumped' comes across particularly well.) Elvis’s biceps look like particularly muscular pythons, ready for the kill! (UK)

Dear Norbert

Many thanx for a wonderful quality DVD of Molosses1, which turned up yesterday as instructed. I have viewed all and am glad I have found your westling site. I bought this particular one, as I wanted to see how the Musclebound Elvis fared with the extremely well built and sexy Pascal! It was a titanic struggle of smooth black v hairy white muscle, and Elvis was fantastic at containing the experienced and adept Pascal. My favourite hold for Elvis was when he pinned Pascal with the whole welter of his musclarity and kept Pascal pinned for a reasonable amount of time! To see huge men straining and sweating like this makes the art of wrestling so interesting to view!
I also liked the other bouts with lesser built guys, particularly Franck and Geoffrey. I see Geoffrey can be dirty when he wants and cant get his own way. Made the bout extra exciting!

I am happy for u to use my comments and I will definetely be buying some more soon!

Thank you (UK)

Just watched the video (Balezes n°1)-- fantastic action! The wrestlers really tear into each other-- clearly real battles!
Thanks a ton (USA)

Dear Norbert

I have Balezes 1 and love watching Christophe fight, he is really aggressive and a good fighter. I would love to see him fight in trunks.
I have looked at Molosses 1 and might order it next time. If I had the money I would order them all.
I really enjoy your videos They are the only wrestling videos that I have seen where the wrestlers are really fighting and not acting.
It would be good to see more wrestlers wearing trunks. I think they look more gladiatorial with trunks on.
I will hopefully be ordering more videos off you now that you take creditcards. It makes ordering them much more easier.
Best wishes (UK)

The video is terrific not only in terms of quality (the pictures are crystal-clear, with good close-up sound), but also in giving the viewer a marvellous sense of just how keenly fought each of these 3 bouts are. The Geoffrey/Frank encounter is pretty intense. Elvis and Pascal tangling together makes for very exciting viewing (neither of them are shy about their bodies! What I would give for 5 mins on the mat with either of them....), and the smooth blonde new boy with dark and hairy Miguel is a sight for sore eyes (as we say). (UK)

Hi Norbert

I have a few comments on “les lutteurs”. The first combat with Joris and Geoffrey was terrific. Very athletic and spirited grappling by both participants. I was surprised that Geoffrey was so good. Combat deux was a show of male egos, great wrestling, animosity and trash talking. Je me demande qu'est qu' ils dissent!! I have not watched the Ara v. Robert combat yet but I will write about that fight after I have seen it. It is a wonderful video and I am glad I purchased it.I am now going to the website to see if the next video is available.

With best regards, (USA)

Dear Norbert

Excuse my English. Nothing better than express oneself in your mother's tongue.

The videos arrived in a neat and tidy brown box in due time. Very good service! I haven't written earlier because I wanted to watch them all before.

I chose the videos because Joris and Elvis appeared on them. The video samples on the website were very helpful. I wasn't disappointed at all. They are great wrestlers, and good athletes too to keep the pace of a combat for half an hour. Nowadays, it is difficult to find exciting matches on tape. Regular high-level competition is much too deffensive and, on the other hand, rehearsed matches are not worth at all.

"Bagarreurs 1" is an excellent DVD. Joris and Geoffrey do a good job on combat #1. It is a pity the final result. I think that it should be given points for pinning for some time (1 minute, for example). It would be more fair. The same for Benoit and Sylvain. Good job. And nothing less for Ara and Robert. A surprise to me. I like unbalanced combats, since the proficient wrestler can show a lot of techniques (Ara). But the other wrestler also has to be a good athlete, able to resist the attack (Robert). Joris vs. Robert, a good sequel?

The price of the tapes are OK, but turns out to be expensive if you are only interested in one combat or two. When a translation of your web site to Spanish?

Take care. (Spain)

(Note from W&L Prod. : a translation of W&L web site into Spanish? Very soon.)

Hello Norbert

The videos are coming at the 30. April 2005. Thank you very much for the quickly post. The videos and the DVD are very good.

Thanks and good luck. (Germany)

Elvis is quite awesome. He must work out constantly. He looks as though he could pick just about anyone up with one hand - although he does appear to have enough of a handful with Pascal on the mats... (USA)

Actually - like Benjamin - Miguel has grown-up a bit as well. He has a very sexy 'way' about him - particularly in that shot of him relaxing in a chair. (UK)

I like all of the videos that I have received from you. The wrestling is real, tough, exciting, nonholds barred grappling that doesn't stop - no rest breaks. There is no pussyfooting around with these guys - chokes when called for, sleepers, up against the wall or training bar, body trips and flips that would jar my teeth, by guys that are perfect specimens of good looking muscular wrestlers. Am eagerly waiting for your new releases. Thanks, (USA)

Great Tapes! Bring on the Heavyweights. Up to age 35-40. Keep making great videos! (USA)

I had a look at Elvis pics 5 minutes ago; he looks absolutely amazing! I think Pascal must have had a very difficult time, trying to overcome all that muscle and power!! I also particularly like the photo with Elvis wearing spectacles - a very nice touch. The pics now give the strong impression of someone who's basically a very nice guy, with a kind heart. The fact that he also looks as if he could pick you up, crumple you into a small ball of flesh and bones and throw you in the bin is also quite arresting! (UK)

Hi Norbert

I did watch the video. Truly impressive. Joris is a fabulous fighter and what a specimen of a man he is. His bridging is astounding. Someday I would like to be in Lyon when a taping of a fight is scheduled. I would love to be a spectator for such a magnificent fight!

Best of luck with your business. Your fights are absolutely the best.
Sincerely, (USA)

Hi--I can't wait to see the next match with Joris, whomever his opponent is! As long as it's someone who really challenges him! Bon soir, (USA)


The matches with Joris are incredible--he is in such tremendous condition and he is a very aggressive wrestler--definitely use him in future matches and maybe against much larger opponents to really give him competition--I am sure he will rise to the occasion! Yung is also in incredible shape--is he wrestling for you again? Maybe against Joris? That would be an incredible match up! Thanks again... (USA)

(Note fromW&L Prod. : yes Yung participates regularly in our tournaments and will be featured again in our films.)

Keep up the excellent work with W&L. These guys really know how to wrestle. I must admit that I prefer the lighter weights, Geoffrey, Sylvian, etc. Am eagerly looking forward to getting the videos. Thanks again, (USA)


thank you for fast delivery of dvd Bagarreurs1 and Costauds1, both in dvd-format. vhs video time is over.
the fights in sprinter shorts I love so much, and joris vs geoffrey is a totally cool match, I love it.
a wretsling match vs geoffrey must be great, I would love it.
brgds... from zurich
Mit freundlichen Grüssen
(German speaking part of Switzerland)

Hi there Norbert,

Have been away on holidays to Scotland and just got back. The new DVD was waiting (thanks). Verdict: three great fights again! Especially the Joris v Geoffrey and Benoit v Sylvain. Both very technical and hard fought. Ara seemed to totally outclass Robert. Or maybe Robert had too much wine the night before. :)

Many thanks and regards as always. Keep up the good work but don’t work too hard !! (UK)

Hi Norbert

I received the DVD today. Thank you for your fast service.

I had a chance to look at the video today and you havesome really good things going. There are a few things that I would change to give it a little more of a professional look. The bouts are good, but I felt that the people watching in the background were a distraction.

Next, I'd fix the introduction to the first match. The warmup went on a little too long. The match was good once we got there, but it took a while to get there so I was glad I pressed the fast forward button.

I liked the overhead shots zooming down in. The tight shots were good as well. Watch the use of different cameras, though. The resolution should be the same. I know that you had problems with the third match.

You do have a good assortment of fighters. Very good looking and muscular. It makes me want to fly over to France and fight them myself. LOL.

I would look at getting a consistent venue (a gym, etc.) with a setup so that when people see your videos, they say it's a W&L video.

Also, explaining the rules would be good. It seemed like some matches were good submission and the last one seemed like a pro match.

The music was not very masculine sounding. Mozart is probably not a good choice. Something with a rock beat would be more appropriate.


I have heard nothing but wonderful and great things about your products. I know that it is real wrestling. Do the wrestlers ever get injured because they will not tap out or do they usually tap out? Thanks for your information. (USA)

(Note from W&L Prod. : The wrestlers get injured sometimes. But these injuries are not as frequent as one could expect because our fighters have solid muscles and because they tap out when they are seriously locked and when their arm or shoulder or leg etc. could be injured.)

Hello Norbert,

Thanks, I received the tapes Friday and they are really good!
The quality of the tapes is great and the wrestling action is very good.
Regards, (Flemish part of Belgium)

Regarding the 3rd match on COSTAUDS 1:

Christophe vs. Benjamin.

The end of the match is great...good drama....and a good street fight. But here at the end of the match Benjamin finally locks a great side headscissor on Christophe and what happens....a whistle blows and Benjamin has to let go of the tight headscissor he has on Christophe.

Come on....the match was getting good with some hot holds and a whistle blows and stops a good wrestling fight ???? (USA)

(Note from W&L Prod. : Hi [...] thanx for your comments!

yes, it is frustrating, i know! but there is a time limit of 25 minutes. I think that Benjamin is too respectful of the rules; he should have gone on fighting! Damien did: when the whistle blows, he goes on fighting because he is a hooligan! And also because he was angry! He thought he would win and he did not!)

Our W&L friend is responding to W&L note:

Correct, the whistle should not have stopped Benjamin from keeping on with the wrestling match....the street fight was the best part of this fact maybe the whole DVD! Then a whistle stops in what could have been a good street fight wrestling match. If it had not been for the whistle, I think the tight headscissor that Benjamin had on Christophe would have made Christophe "give up." Benjamin would have kept Christophe's head between his big legs teaching Christophe a valuable lesson.

Seeing Benjamin sitting on the chair with his big legs around the back of the chair on top of Christophe......and then seeing Benjamin locking Christophe in a tight side headscissor was great. (USA)

Do Damien or Fabrice have fansites or personal websites or do they appear on any other sites for wrestling or wrestling clubs? Thank you. I look forward to more videos featuring these 2 awesome wrestlers! (USA)

(Note from W&L Prod. : No, they have neither fansites nor personal websites although they deserve one. They appear on W&L wrestling site only. Their fighting clubs do not own any web site.)

Hi Norbert,

Thanks I got the video yesterday.
I have not had the chance to watch it all yet, but what I have seen sofar is really good.
It is really good to watch videos where the fighting is real and not acted.
Once again many thanks.
Best wishes (UK)

Hi, Just wanted to ask if you have done a rematch video with Damien and Fabrice? If so, when will it be available for sale? Is there any way they could wear spandex shorts or a wrestling singlet next time? If not then the small black speedos are great. Thank you. (USA)

(Note from W&L Prod. : we have not yet done a rematch with Damien and Fabrice but it will be done soon of course. Everyone is looking forward to this second fight between these two warriors !)

I enjoyed the videos you sent. Your product is great, It has many things going for it; the wrestlers are excellent, the wrestling is intense, and the camera work is superb (it let's you feel that you are right there and close up where it counts). I am partial to lighter weights because I find fast moving action is more exciting to me, although a long drawn out struggle is exciting too. I am eagerly awaiting the two new videos that I have ordered. Will definitely give you comments about them after I have received them. Looking forward to a great and long lasting association with your company. (USA)

Dear Norbert
Your video came today and it is very good. The quality of the pictures are good. I will soon order another.
They are real wrestlers and not the fake matches I see so often. I know amateur wrestling in the USA at high school and college find a void after the end of school. It would be good if some or our wrestlers [not the "professional" TV stuff] could be matched with some of your men, in such competition. Any way best to you in this effort.
Thank you so much (USA)

You provide a good service so no problems there.
As far as the wrestlers are concerned i prefer Tor or Pascal.
Elvis against Tor was a good match. (France)

(Note from W&L Prod. : from France ! Some people coming from English speaking countries live in France... Welcome to them ! and especially to W&L customers...)


Sorry I so late with a reply but I do want you to know that your videos are really good...among the very best. I think this because your wrestlers don't have fancy costumes and loud music, just wrestling. It's so hard to find your type of videos these days. The wrestlers I really enjoy are Tor, Bruno, Pascal, Ronald, Patrick and of course Thomas! All of these guys are really good wrestlers to me. Please email me and let me know when you finish production of tapes with any or all of these guys and I will purchase some more tapes. The younger guys are good but these guys are the crème de le crème! I hope I spelled that right...please forgive me if I didn't. Anyway, that's what I think will make a tape just hot with action! Thanks for asking me and please stay in touch!

Sincerely, (USA)

Hello Norbert,
I really enjoy your videos; the wrestlers are probably the most competitive I've seen on any tape (I've bought videos from all the major wrestle video sites). The sound is excellent, and the picture quality is great. The videos arrive timely, especially considering you are in France and I'm in California, USA. It would be good if some of the matches were a little longer, that would be my only suggestion. I prefer watching the bigger wrestlers, especially Pascal, Sylvain1, Thomas, Bruno, and Eric. I hope to see more videos with these giants. I look forward to ordering more videos soon. (USA)

Norbert, I think your videos are really the best I have seen The matches are great and wrestlers are technically skilled they are a pleasure to watch (USA)

I really like the beefy guys in little trunks(Bruno, Patrick, Tor, Pascal, Thomas and Sylvain) going aggressively in submission style.
Looking forward in seeing your next tape.
Thanks (USA)

I really look forward to a match between Yvon and Pascal, and Patrick and Yvon or Pascal. Also a match between Sylvain 1 and Franck or Miguel.
Your service is very good. (USA)

Hello Norbert,
The last time I wrote with a complaint it was about the photographers you use. I told you then that the use of close up shots, concentrating on the men and not the match, is something you should deal with. I ordered one tape since then, your latest release, and again had to guess what was happening with the fight because the camera was focused on facial expressions or one part of a man's body. Besides this complaint I have seen some good matches. I enjoy the style of submission without breaks or time limit which allows a wrestler to scissor and lock his legs and permits the use of full nelsons, etc. This type of wrestling is shown on some of your tapes but not all, and it would be great to know what type of fighting is involved before purchasing the tape. Thanks for asking for my opinion. (USA)

(Note from W&L Prod. : all W&L fights are NHB fights (i.e. submission wrestling) but i have to confess that the number of submission holds is different from one fight to another.)

The sound and picture quality quality of the videos is excellent, and I received my two shipments over the past year in approximately eight days.
The wrestlers I enjoy watching the most are Sylvain, Christophe, Benjamin, Benoit, Joris, Geoffry, and Miguel. (USA)

Cher Norbert,
Thank you for the privilege of enjoying four of your videos, Baston 2, Rixe 1, Machomachie 4, Balezes 1.
Some matches were more aggressively fought and therefore more exciting, i.e. Christophe/Joris, Tor/Pascal, Yong/Sylvain.
Camera work was generally excellent.
Most of the matches lacked the erotic element which is wrestling's greatest appeal for men, whatever their sexual leanings. Christophe/Joris, for example, could have been a sensual match, but Christophe shows no attraction for his opponent, except to defeat and humiliate him. The boxer trunks worn by most of your wrestlers could display no excitement, even if it were present.
Because you have decided to film your matches in the presence of several spectators and a second cameraman, I doubt that your matches will ever contain an erotic element.
I find no enjoyment in raw homoeroticism, such as *** or *** videos, but a clear expression of being mutually turned on is an essential component of masculine sport, I believe.
I hope that is helpful. (USA)

Dear Norbert,
Your videos are excellent. I prefer wrestlers: Tor,Yvon,Ronald,Sylvain1er,Pascal,Elvis and Bruno,Dominique,Joris,Christophe,Miguel. I would like fights for example Tor vs Yvon, Tor vs Ronald, Tor vs Sylvain 1er,Yvon vs Ronald, Yvon vs Sylvain 1er, Ronald vs Sylvain 1er, Ronald vs Elvis, Pascal vs Yvon, Pascal vs Elvis.
Have you videos with fight Pascal vs Gilles?(you have this fight in your photos) Thank you (Czech Republic)

(Note from W&L Prod. : the fight Pascal-Gilles was not videotaped unfortunately. We have only photos of it.)

Hello Norbert,
We enjoy your videos. We enjoy husky/older wrestlers in submission matches. Also, we enjoy limited bodypunching too and like to see the wrestlers go "all out" during the match. Videos of those types of matches are difficult to locate so I believe there will be a big market for them. The current wrestling video market is flooded with young/small grapplers and their styles are all the same. Please let me know if/when new videos are produced.
Thank you (USA)

Hi Norbert I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the tapes I bought from you No only was the quality great but the matches were terriffic Excellent wrestling I would not mind coming over to France and taking on a few of those guys myself I will be order a few more tapes soon. I would like to see more big guys Thomas Pascal Ronald wrestle----as a big guy myself 5 11 235 51 chest 35 waist 18 1/2 arms I always like to see big men wrestle thanks (USA)

Hello Norbert,
Your videos are awesome ! The wrestling is excellent. The only comment that I had was that the shipping duration to the USA that was in your website did not match the actual shipping duration. It took longer. I think this is because there is a stricter process now in the US Postal service.

In any case, I would like to see more heavyweight wrestlers. You only have a few of them(like Pascal, Sylvain, etc.). To be honest with you, Americans are used to seeing bigger guys in wrestling. They see these big guys in TV all the time wresling professionaly. I am a member of a freestyle wrestling club here in San Francisco, CA and most of the guys there are heavyweights too. Unfortunately, I only weigh 165 pounds :(

In any case, I would like to see more heavyweight wrestlers and I think this will also sell more here in the US.

Thank you. (USA)

Really like your tapes, like Bruno, Patrick, Tor, Pascal, Thomas and Sylvain, prefer guys in little trunks, and aggressive submission. Like beefy guys.
thanks (USA)

I particularly enjoyed the bouts with Pascal and Bruno, Pascal and Ronald, Joris and Miguel.
I would like to see more of Pascal, Patrick, Yvon, Franck. Also Sylvain 1, Miguel and Joris.
The productions seem fine - although there are some obvious breaks in some of them. The postal service is also good -- keep it at least as good as it is. Naturally it always would be better to be faster, but you do a good job.
I'd really like to see Pascal v. Patrick and Sylvain 1 v. Miguel.
Thanks (USA)

Most of your matches are good. The best match I saw was Balezes 1, Combat 2; Castagne 2, Combat 2; Machomachie 4, Combats 1&2. All of these matches were very intense battles and featured brilliant technical submission wrestling moves.

Best fighters; Benjamin; Joris; Cheme; Kaya; and my favourite is Christophe. He is ruthless, and does anything to get the victory. I love the fight between Benjamin and Kaya.

All of your wrestlers are very good technically. I like the intensity of the fights. It would be interesting to see more filmed out-doors if possible. Also a variation of clothing - perhaps one or two in street wear? Also I much prefer the singlet style trunks worn in such videos as the Benjamin vs Kaya fight than the horrible coloured baggy shorts in later videos!

The picture quality is truly excellent. The sound good.

The videos take 3-5 days to arrive here to the UK which is perfectly acceptable.

If you were to improve the service I would say this:

1) More regular updates ie 1 or 2 new videos a month
2) a DVD option
3) More out-door shoots on grass
4) Theme your tapes - have the younger slimmer guys on one and the older bigger guys on another - I think this will increase your sales
5) Introduce a teen section in the way wrestling4fun have - this will add variety. You could even have 2 teen vs one adult! That would work well on grass.
6) The prices are only OK though on the higher end of the market. You are more expensive than let'swrestle and UIW. You may want to lower prices by a few euros.
7) Resist any pressure you may get for porn etc - keep it clean and stick to wrestling and fighting!
8) Go to Turkey and film some of those guys - have you seen them on the Turkfight site? Now, they would give your wrestlers a good fight!!!

Many, many thanks for giving your customers an opportunity for feedback. I hope my comments are positive and helpful to you in your quest to improve the site. You all do a very good job - the production of the tapes is matched by the quality of the wrestling. Hopefully, you will soon be able to improve the site even further.

Cheers for now, (UK)

[...] I definitely believe that DVDs and VCDs are replacing tapes. The discs generally are superior in sound and picture quality; however, W&L is an exception. Your tapes are of very high quality. I own more than 100 wrestling tapes and DVDs and your tapes are superior in quality without question.
Regards, (USA)

I have a video of your company that I received as a gift, I enjoy that it is real and unrehearsed submission wrestling.
I am a competitive wrestler in excellent condition weighing 95kgs. and 177cm tall, of solid muscle. I participated in the Olympic trials in Greco-roman and freestyle wrestling, I now train submission fighting.
My work is going to start bringing me to France often, I would be interested in matching up against some of your fighters, is this something you might be interested in? I think Pascal might be a good match (his technique needs work, but he is aggressive) and any bigger fighters that have skill and aggression like I do. Remember I weigh 95kgs of solid muscle, and would like a fight that would challenge me.
I look forward to your response. (USA)

Sorry not have replied with my comments sooner. Feel free to use some of them on your site - anonymously please!

The matches are some of the most intense and hard fought I've ever seen from a web wrestling company and are good value for money. The tapes arrived in the UK only a couple of days after they were ordered which is excellent service. The wrestling was technically good though it was obvious that some of the wrestlers really didn't like each other - tapping out was not enough for the younger guys who wanted to hear verbal submissions!

The only negative - I prefer seeing the guys in the 'proper' amateur 'lycra' wrestling shorts we see in the earlier videos rather than the baggy shorts they are wearing in the most recent videos!

I admire your attempts at 2 cameras - the editing was good, although the switching between different angles sometimes detracted from the match.

All in all, I would say that the videos, whilst slightly expensive, contained some very good quality wrestling and impressive wrestlers. Just bring back the lycra shorts!

Thank you for reading my comments. I hope they were helpful.

Yours sincerely, (UK)

I have watched Joris/Miguel in Lutteurs 8. Fantastic match! (USA)

I have watched only Combat 1, avec Yung et Sylvain2. Extrordinaire! Yung does have a wonderful body, but I bet that he doesn't let Sylvain soap HIS back. I distinctly got the impression that those two are not friends!
I think Yung is going to be one of my favorites along with Ben, Joris, Pascal and Miguel.
a bientot. (USA)

I watched Joris and Miguel wrestle last evening on Lutteur 8. It is one of my favorite battles. I would have liked Joris to win but it is OK that Miguel did win. I like them both. I am looking forward to seeing Sylvain2 fight Yung. I have not seen Sylvain since Querelle 1. He is a cocky kid. I want to see how he does with Yung. (USA)

Dear Norbert,
sorry to get back to you only today but I have been away for business . I wanted to inform you that the videos reached Bologna on Saturday, March 27th !
Thank you for the perfect service, best regards (Italy)

The video you sent arrived today. It offered a lot of variety in terms of action and in terms of men. I'll be seeing more of your products, I'm sure! Thanks again for your good product and excellent service.
Sincerely, (USA)

I received the video today, April 6th. Very nice work, and great matches.

Thank you. (USA)

thanks very much - great tape! Will be getting some more!! (UK)

Thank you for the update.

I will surely let you know of my feedback. I have seen some of your videos and they are really good.

One question - When is Sylvain fighting again? I think he fought Pascal in Castagne 2 but after that, I don't see him anymore?

In addition, I think you are lacking heavyweight fighters. I like more heavyweight fighters than lightweights. Thank you and Regards. (USA)

(Note of W&L Prod.: we will have more heavyweight fighters in the future, I promise.)

Dear Norbert,
I am really enjoying the last video you sent me.
When is your next video out? I would like to order an older video, but I only have a Visa Debt card is this acceptable to you ?
Best wishes (UK)

(Note of W&L Prod. : All credit cards are welcome!)

Hello Norbert, I wanted to tell you that a buddy of mine gave me your new tape for my birthday. As usual, it is great wrestling. You really do a great job, putting these tapes together and the quality is excellent. If you don't mind and it is ok, I would like to send you a few tapes as a way of saying thanks. They are good submission wrestling, similar to the style that your wrestlers do. I think you and the guys that wrestle for you would enjoy them. Well let me know what you think. Thanks again (USA)

There are simply no combat videos around which come close to yours, in my opinion...and in the opinion of a great many others I'm sure. (UK)

I received your latest video last week (Balezes 1). I have watched 2 of the fights and they are formidable!
I have seen Pascal's fight and Joris's fight. I was surprised to see Christophe win that fight. He is a very skilled and tough man.
You have an excellent product and it is always honest fighting and never contrived. Bravo to all people involved in the production. (USA)

The tape (Querelle 1) arrived yesterday. Excellent service. I will send more detailed comments later, but the film is superior regarding quality of the tape, camera work, camera angles. The action is aggressive and quite authentic. I particularly am enjoying the first 2 matches.
I am looking forward to purchasing additional tapes. Do you have any plans to offer the matches in DVD format? Thanks. (USA)

A lot of W&L wrestlers are arrogant. But I think that they must behave this way. Beeing arrogant is a very fine way of provocation. With this kind of behavior you can heat up your opponent on a high level and you generate his desire to fight. And that is the reason why I like the fihgts of Christophe and Chême so very well. Their wrestling acts are more than a sportive competition - they are real fights also in a psychological dimension. They try to break the arrogance of the opponent and it's great watching them trying to dominate the other wrestler but also when they are down on the floor and ashamed in their mind.

It's an interesting idea to let Christophe out of control in the new video. This way the fight becomes a real backyard battle. But I'am not shure if his nutcracking attacs are reality ore only an arrangement for the camera. Also I want to know, why Joris didn't fight in the same way?

(Note of W&L Prod.: be happy! It is not necessary to arrange a match: W&L wrestlers, particularly Christophe, are much better in real fights than they would be in fake matches!)

It's great, that the topic of the fight is wrestling, but sometimes(!) someone gets out of control. It's like the pepper on your meal. To much pepper will destroy the taste, but a little dosis gives a new kick. That's the reason why I like the fihgt Miguel vs Geoffrey not so much. It is to technical. Point after point, every time in the same way. No doubt, both made a great effort, but it's all on the same level.

Its also a great idea, to show the wrestlers a bit before and after the match like you did in the last videos preparing themselves for the match ore chatting with the other people in the gym. It could also be a new kick, to show them in the clothig room, meeting each other before the fight and provocate the opponent by words ore a little tangling to heat up the atmosphere. Also there could be a little fihgt in the clothing room after the real match out of rules using towls ore other clothes within little sequences of punching and strangling. I think all the younger wrestlers would be able to do this. It must look like in reality-tv. It could be very intensive and could give a new thrill. (Germany)

I just received Balezes 1 yesterday. Terrific tape! I love the first bout (Pascal vs Ronald) for its sheer power, but the agression of the second - especially from Christophe - is amazing. Did he actually squeeze Joris's balls at one point, or did I imagine that?? Wonderfully dirty fighting.

I've been trying to understand some of what Christophe was saying throughout the match (will he ever shut up??).
Thanks! (UK)

(Note of W&L Prod. : certainly not easy for an Englishman to understand what Christophe is saying in french as it is trash talking!)

Joris is very attractive and I would want him to have a relation ship with a woman so he could have children--especially if they were boys and looked just like him!
I am sending the bottom part of this letter to you so you can print it and send it to your producer, so if he wants to he can send it on or edit it.

To: Joris, W-L Productions.
Hello, I am from the United States and found this website. I wanted to write and wish you great success with your fighting and wrestling career. I have learned you do amateur wrestling and possibly submission/pancrase/kickboxing and take part in these types of tournaments.
Do you do Olympic/freestyle wrestling? Or do you do the other. How long have you been wrestling? In any case good luck with your career and I hope to see more of your videos. You are very good at what you do and you should be very successful. Do you do any other sports? Do you work at anything else-Do you have a career other than wrestling? If you wish to write me back let me know. However if you do not wish to I understand. In any case again I wish you much success in life and in your wrestling.

(Note of W&L Prod. : Joris is very grateful to you for this letter. Unfortunately his english is not so good and he wants me to answer your questions instead of him.
Joris is a freestyle wrestler and he does many other fighting disciplines. He began wrestling when he was 6 years old. His father is a very good wrestler too, and was his first coach. Joris is a student at the university of sport and will be soon a teacher of sport in the national colleges or universities.
On behalf of everyone at W&L, I would like to thank you for your kind letter and Joris thanks you very much for your obvious enthusiasm and continuing support. Friendly yours, Norbert.)

Pascal is awesome! I wish him lot of luck and hope he does well with whatever he does and espc. his wrestling! take care talk to you soon. (USA)

Joris is a great looking hunk and needs a fan club! He is really really something to look at! His face and his body are absolutely beautiful! He is really a gorgeous young man! I hope he stays around for a very, very long time! (USA)

Hi. The videos have arrived. They look great. Excellent quality, and very entertaining. Thanks for a great product.
Keep up the good work! (USA)

Hi Norbert and Happy New Year! I have been meaning to write you and to once again tell you, that I think you put out the best wrestling videos on the market.
They really are of great wrestling the way it should be and great quality. I am pleased to see that you have a new release and I will be putting my order in the mail this week. Thanks for keeping me posted and please give my regards to all....they are all terrific wrestlers. (USA)

(Note of W&L Prod.: Norbert is the guy who e-mails to you when you order videos.)

I just received your package yesterday and I appreciate the videos.

I've watched 2 of the videos so far & am really impressed of the GREAT FANTASTIC quality of your tapes -- and they are much better than other companies I've seen.

All I need now is a translation of what's written about the matches/competitors on the back of the videos -- I took 2 yrs. of French in high school & never learned it fluently -- and that's 26 yrs. ago -- so I have no clue what it says on the back but that's ok. What I viewed of the 2 tapes was spectatular so far.

Thanks again for the videos. (USA)

Very impressed with your videos, especially enjoyed Benjamin and Joris in Machomachie 4. Would like to see a rematch.

I think adding a selection of video clips of your available tapes to each of your tapes would be a good marketing idea.

Thanks – (USA)

I choose anhoter video:

And I´m sure that later, I will buy all your videos, because one time ago i was wach one with a friend and I like it very very much. The people who likes submission wrestling figts like in your videos. Congratulations.

Thanks and I wait impatiently your videos.

PD: Sorry for my english, but I am learning. (USA)

(Note of W&L Prod.: we are learning too...!)

Just finished watching 3 tapes that I purchased from W&L. They are great. Enjoyed the man to man contact, especially from Elvis, he is awesome. They arrived in just over one week to the U.S. Looking forward to purchasing more tapes in the future. Keep up the good work. (USA)

The tapes arrived Friday. I've viewed several of them and they're quite good. Do you intend to issue new ones more regularly according to a schedule? (USA)

Thankyou for sending Balezes1. I recieved in last Saturday and i,ve enjoyed watching it. I wrestle myself so it,s always good to pick up some tips off the video. Many thanks, (UK)

Bonjour... I got them on Monday! I have only had a chance to watch two of them so far, but they are TERRIFIC!!! I really loved the Kaya/Benjamin match--you must make more tapes with Benjamin! I also watched the Geoffrey/Sylvain II match--great competitors! I loved the outside match with Pascal too! Keep them coming! When will your next video be available? An excellent product and I will add my comments to your guestbook on the site over the weekend--fast, professional, amazing quality--you can certainly teach your fellow producers a thing or two about quality and customer service! Have a great weekend... (USA)

You really do have a great site and feature the best of wrestling, that I know of. Any plans for a new tape? I was wondering what determines who wrestles for you? Well have a great day, it is almost spring here....getting nicer slowly. Keep in touch. (USA)

Thanks. Looking forward to the update in march.
I sincerely enjoyed the match between Geoffrey and Sylvain. Submission wrestling is a young man's sport in my view.
Take care.
Best wishes, (USA)

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my order; it arrived 5 days after the order I placed. The Joris v Christophe fight is a great one. If either come to the UK be happy to take them on. (UK)

Video (Querelle 1) has now arrived.
enjoyed it very much especially first bout - two horny young guys! (UK)

I did receive the videos I previously requested, they came very fast (about 8 days). I really enjoy the wrestling, it is the most competitive that I have ever seen from any video company. I look forward to placing many orders in the future, keep up the good work. (USA)

Thank you for the GREAT videos! They are exactly what I enjoy watching with great filming quality, with the close ups and good lighting. Please create more of these videos.
Keep up the great work!!! (USA)

Am a big admirer of your tapes and look forward to ordering more.
Sincerely, (USA)

I will try ordering a video later, or i might wait to see what the new one is like. Do you know who will be in it.
I like all the bouts on Balezes 1 My favourite wrestlers are Christophe Jorris and Bruno.It is really good to watch a wrestling video where the men really fight.I prefer it when they wear swimming trunks I think it looks more gladiatorial!
I wrestle quite often and have learnt a few new moves from the video. I have a match tomorrow so will have to study the video today.
Best wishes, (UK)

Pleased to say the new video is fine.
thank you, (UK)

I received my videos, Baston 2 and Machomachie 5 today. They are in good condition and the picture is very high quality. I will watch them this week sometime. Merci beaucoup, (USA)

Love the vids! They arrived a couple weeks ago and I've been impressed---coming to France this summer---any way to challenge any of these guys to a match? Mouka or Elvis? Pic attached---I think it'd be a blast. (USA)

The videos are great. Your wrestlers are excellent. Keep up the good work and more power !
Best Regards, (USA)

I received it last monday, and I have enjoyed them very much. High class, good fighters and supreme technique. The Benjamin vs Joris was astonished and the best of the tape. Quick, clever and intense bout in a quite tough fight. The second bout wasn´t as good as the first one. Perhaps too slow and based on "muscle salad" and not on technique. The third bout was surprising and quite tough. I didn´t expect Ara was going to be so tough and could represent a serious danger for Miguel. I will probably order some more. I am going to take it to the gym to learn from it in my grappling lessons Regards (Spain)

I received the Gladiateurs 1 video today (Friday). Thanks. The new payment method from my point of view is just fine - no fuss.

I have watched the first two matches and they are brilliant. The Miguel/Geoffrey match was in a class of its own - quite awesome. I also enjoyed the audience's vocal participation!

The previous two videos (CHALLENGERS 1 and QUERELLE 1) had some excellent wrestling, especially the matches involving Benoit, Christophe, Miguel, Geoffrey and Sylvain. I also thought Pascal gave Cheme a run for his money.

If it seems appropriate you might care to pass on my appreciation to the young men. It is a privilege to see skillful submission wrestling of such quality.

Regards, (Australia)

Just finished watching 3 tapes that I purchased from W&L. They are great. Enjoyed the man to man contact, espcially from Elvis, he is awesome. They arrived in just over one week to the U. S. Looking forward to purchasing more tapes in the future. Keep up the good work. (USA)

Thank you for the videos. It arrived safely. It is wonderful. The official competitions are very boring. It knocks and finishes in many cases immediately. Your videos were seen, and in one bout, there is time fully and I was able to be enjoyed very much. I want to see more. Please do your best to make new videos. (Japan)

Thank you so much for replying and I would ask u place on your site any info web about your future plans for selling vids in London. Can't wait to collect these tapes and watch these muscles guys in action. Cheers (UK)

I'm really looking forward to your next video starring Pascal! Muscular and hairy wrestlers like him are the sexiest, especially when they are so masculine and agressive. It's hard to find wrestling videos of mature men like him who ooze such power and raw sexuality. I bought one of his earlier taped matches for Can-Am (International Submissions) where he is demolished by his opponent, Steve Sterling. It's pro style and it is incredibly sexy to see his ripped, hairy bod getting pounded and stretched out in submission holds. As you can tell, I like to see guys like him getting beaten up, and that is really hard to find because they are usually tops.

Have you ever considered doing any pro style matches? Some of them are great. The hottest wrestler there is a leatherman, Brooklyn Bodywrecker, who is mature, hairy, muscular, and agressive like Pascal, but much meaner. I would love to see a match up between the two of them. That would be unbelievable sexy!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Best regards, (USA)


Get BBW on a flight to Paris right away!! I'm getting hot under the collar just thinking about him in Pascal's sleeper hold (or vice versa)!!!
While both are incredibly sexy, strong, aggressive, and dominant men, BBW acts like a vicious sadist who not only wants to prove he's the strongest, but also wants to torture and destroy his opponent while inflicting the maximum amount of pain. That's why I think he is meaner than Pascal. But maybe Pascal could be just as mean. I just haven't seen that side of him on his videos. Maybe it would take a battle with BBW to bring out his meanness!!!!

Best regards, (USA)

Product arrived on 21/10/03 in good order. Best videos I have ever seen. Art as well as athleticism. Thank you. (USA)

Pascal vs Cheme my God! The hardest brawl I have ever seen! Cheme is too much cocky and Pascal loses his temper. Both of them get wild with each other very soon and I loved to watch at them fighting to death! Indeed, we are used to bull-fights here in Spain, and I can tell you that Pascal is a very strong bull and Cheme is a very courageous bull-fighter! (Spain)

I have just received the first video I ordered, and it won´t be surely the last one. I decided to order Machomachie4 and I have enjoyed it very much, specially the Joris/Benjamin fight: very ballanced and technical, and Ara vs Miguel which was really intense. I am an unskilled grappler myself and surely I´ll learn lots of things from the tapes. Real fights and superb quality. (Spain)

I received my videos on Monday, 8 December.

Pascal is incredbly HOT! If he makes any more videos, please email me. Thanks.

Best regards, (USA)

great videos very educational
thanks (UK)

I have the videos, they´re fantastic, I like them very much.
My favorite one is Challengeurs 1, the fights are very good.

Sure , the next month I will buy more tapes.
Please, let me know if you have a new video.
And congratulations for Miguel, he is the best (for me)

See you and keep in touch. (Spain)

Have to say I just love this site and most of your wrestlers. My favs must be Pascal, who is all man and a body beautiful with ample hair cover.Elvis and Tor. Their shots were tremendous. A real muscle fight if ever I saw one, and those gigantic biceps on Elvis, superb.
Please let me know if I can buy your tapes anywhere in UK. I prefer to buy locally. It would be great to see my fav wrestlers in all their muscular glory.
Cheers (UK)

Hello, I received and viewed BASTON 1 and I think the quality is very good.
Thank you, (USA)

Just to say that i received the video yesterday. It is excellent. If you are ever looking for wrestlers in the UK let me know? (UK)

Pascal is my favorite. He looks like a real man. He is built,but not over done. He has hair too. I like an all natural look. I told you that I had over 150 wrestling tapes. Six years ago all the wrestlers looked natural and the gear was more natural,as though they took off their pants and wrestled with whatever was underneath. Now most of the wrestlers look shaved and as though they stand in front of the mirror like females preparing. (USA)

The videos arrived yesterday. The quality of the tapes is excellent and the fights are terrific. I can't wait to tell my friends in the US. And as for seconding some of your wrestlers - well, one can dream, I suppose! If ever Pascal needs a second, let me know! (UK)

They arrived "ce matin". Look good. Do any of your wrestlers ever come to the UK? Especially Pascal. I have a wrestling mat down in my garage which gets used frequently. (UK)

I want to place another order. I would like BRAULE 1 and BASTON 1, which I believe are the only two videos I don't have. Merci. (USA)

I have watched Baston 2 and Querelle1. Very exciting, fast paced fights! (USA)

I just wanted to tell you that I was watching some of your videos today with a buddy of mine..... just terrific wrestling! Do you have any plans of making any new ones? Please let me know.... I hope all is well with you and all the guys that wrestle and work towards making these great videos. Keep up the good work... Thanx (USA)

I liked the fight between Joris and Benjamin. They are all excellent, however. The one with Pascal and the other guy in the storm was awesome, too. Surrealistic! (USA)

I have some comments about the videos I have seen. Number one is the quality of the videos. Clear, crisp and good sound. Two is that the fight between Pascal and Sylvain in the grass was as much as a fan of submission wrestling could ever want. Joris and Benjamin, too. Younger Sylvain and Geoffrey's match was exciting. I don't think there is a better site on the web for wrestling. Some of the comments indicate wanting some contrived set up with ripping off shirts, trash talking etc. This would spoil it for me because what you get with your videos is honest, tough NON-CONTRIVED wrestling. Keep up the good work. (USA)

The films have been received and are very good viewing. Thankyou very much.
Sorry for the delay in sending this e-mail. Please advise if anymore video's become available.
Many thanks again (UK)

Purchased eight of your tapes (all that were available at the time), and think the quality of the tapes and the fights was excellent! Are you going to show more fights such as in Baston no. 1 Ghislain v Pascal? Best fights are those between Benjamin v Joris, Christophe v Miguel, Joris v Mouka (love the dirty tactics), Joris v Miguel (would like to see more Speedo fights), and Benjamin v Kaya (like too see more dirty tactics). The tapes are well worth the money and more! Just wish you had more available now! Both myself and my boyfriend have subs experience and would willingly fight any of your fighters in an NHB style bout!
Best Wishes, (UK)

I was corresponding with you planning a match with Pascal Gagneur. Well, a "gagneur" until he meets me, as I am planning on beating him. I am 180cm tall, muscular and weigh in at 88kg. I also have some freestyle and submission experience. But I fully recognize and respect Pascal's physique, experience and fighting heart -- that is why I am so eager to compete against him. thank you for helping me arrange it. I will keep you posted. Wrestling greetings, (USA)

The videos arrived via registered mail on Tuesday, March 25. They were in good condition. I have seen two of the videos and am well satisfied. I have had to deal with a replacement of the gas line in my condo so have been pretty busy with that but will view the other video soon. Thanks very much for all your efforts.
Sincerely, (USA)

The videos are good value!

My favourites are: Joris/Miguel, Benjamin/Joris, Miguel/Benjamin,
Miguel/Ara, Joris/Mouka. The Benjamin/Kaya match had some brilliant
wrestling but the hair-pulling, ear-pulling, biting and dangerous wresling
on a hard surface did not enhance the match for me. The Kaya/Mouka match
did not have quite the skill of the Benjamin/Kaya one but much the same
criticisms apply. The Christophe/Cheme match was in many ways something of
a mismatch. Anyway you probably get the style of wrestling I enjoy best.
The sheer technical and athletic skills employed make for repeat viewing!
Without a doubt (to my mind) Miguel, Joris and Benjamin are your best
wrestlers (that I have seen so far).
I certainly intend to order the remaining two videos. I will do this when I
get my tax refund cheque!

Thank you and the wrestlers for much entertaining and instructive wrestling.

Regards, (Australia)

Pascal and Tor are my favourites. The Pascal/Tor match is particularly exciting and aggressive. I like muscled, hairy guys!
As you may possibly be aware, we are hosting the Commonwealth Games at the
moment - in Manchester. Typically, the BBC have decided not to show any
wrestling - even though, I might add, sports such as bowling, etc, are
covered in detail. The same was true with the Olympics. Such a shame -
there's one French-Canadian guy who I would give anything to see on the mat.
I think I'd better go and watch the Pascal/Tor match again.....
Yours stiffly (UK)

IM into submission wrestling,shootfighting. I would love to take on your wrestler's. Pascal is one of the wrestler's I want to take on. IM 28yrs 5' 7" 195lbs 32w 47c 17a. Please let me know if there is any way. Thanx! (USA)

I have watched the three videos you sent with great pleasure. I shall, in time, order more. I am a great buyer of videos.
I realised I had seen Pascal before. I went into the attic and found the videos. In the first one Pascal wrestles a black guy who starts off being dominated but then comes back strongly. Is this Claude? This is in the same field as the Pascal/Sylvain bout. In the second one Pascal wrestles in a gym with a guy where, supposedly, they lose their tempers and there's punching. These videos aren't on your lists _ have I got something valuable??
All the wrestling on your tapes is very high class.
Best wishes, (UK)
(Note of W&L Production: these two videos are among those which we released first. We will make new edits and new releases of them when we have more time.)

I want to thank for making just awesome wrestling tapes....They are
all just great. I am already looking forward to some new ones....Do you
have any older ones that are available that aren't listed?
I was also wondering if you could give me some information on vintage or
professional wrestling in France... I have acquired some tapes...that have
so matches on them and they too are great. If there is a site, could you
forward it to me?
I hope all is well with you and all the wrestlers...Please let them know....
how much we appreciated their wrestling skills.....Thanks again... (USA)

I love the young wrestlers in the red and blue
sprintershorts, and they are very strong. (Switzerland)

Thank you for the reply. I come
to France every other year or so. Unfortunately I was
just there this year, before I discovered your web
site. I will let you know when I am visiting next. I
do not require payment: I like to wrestle for fun. I like your
style/rules and your wrestlers. Some of the *** guys (we have deleted
the name of a wrestling video production! note of the editor.) I
have wrestled do not know anything about fighting. It
would be fun to set up a "international" tournament,
or maybe Americans vs. French. (USA)

Videos arrived today. Most excellent! I will buy more videos!
Thanks. (USA)

We received the tapes on Thursday 15th August. They are very good and the quality is excellent. Could you please let me know when the other tapes are out to buy, as we will be buying more from you in the future. Not had a chance to watch all eight tapes yet but will be doing that this weekend. Thanks for you prompt and GREAT service.
PS if you are looking for UK guys at any time then let me know as I would like to take part in some of your bouts. (UK)

Pascal, he is one hell of a wrestling stud as well as being a terrific guy. I met him in London and later in Holland where my best memory is Pascal and a dutch guy wrestling. He was magnificent! A real stud! Is he keen on the idea of meeting me? I was always quite fond of him as he was one of the most genuine and thoughtfull guys I have ever met on the wrestling scene. I'd give anything to meet him again and see him wrestling. (Netherlands)

I received the Videos this week and watch them. Very nicely done.

The matches with Benjamin and Joris are really nice and action pack. They are tough wrestler. You should get thicker mats. I was concern about the take down on the hard mats (mat covering the tile floor) someone can get hurt.
I think you should get a softer surface for those guys to muscle wrestle.
Nice bodies, nice action and tough wrestlers.

The matches with the big guys are pretty good. They do a good job.

The match filmed out doors in the grassy field is real nice. Both guys (Pascal and Sylvain) are in great shape, and keep it going. I would love to take on Sylvain or Pascal. I think I would have no problem with Elvis or Akim. They have nice bodies, But they should take a grappling class to learn some more submission holds. Elvis is in great shape.

Again thanks for the videos! (USA)

I'd be interested in wrestling for W&L in the SUBMISSION wrestling section.
I was referred to your site yesterday and was delighted to see the excellent Pascal featured on various of your bouts. I met Pascal (though he may not remember me!!!) at a series of wrestling bouts in London some years ago. Indeed I'd be very interested in doing a submission bout with him were he also interested.
Would you please send me joining information as well as dates for your next video session as well as details of how the whole thing is organised from the wrestler's point of view. I have considerable experience as a wrestler - and if Pascal remembers me then he can possibly vouch for me.
In the meantime, enclosed are some pics of me posing and some of me wrestling .....
If you require further information then please do not hesitate to contact me further. (UK)

would like to wrestle for you. Have wrestled in *** and *** videos. Prefer your style of wrestling, and love to fight for audiences, video. Click on link below for my pics and stats. Let me know if interested. (USA)

I enjoyed the videos and love these French wrestling studs!!! I love the way Pascal and some of the guys wear these skimpy looking bikini trunks beautifully wedged into their arse-cracks as they fight. (USA)

Hi Fans of W-&-L!!!
Have just ordered three W-and-L videos more.
Does anybody out there want to part with their copies of CASTAGNE No1, LUTTEURS No6 and/or LUTTEURS No7?
Can pay you in Euros, Dollars, Sterling or via Paypal. (Netherlands)

To my knowledge, there are no other videos around of this quality which show grappling to such a high standard. Your fighters are real ambassadors for the sport! (UK)

Is there any chance of getting to wrestle at one of your video sessions? Love French men (Pascal got me hooked) and am seriously keen to do serious submission wrestle against your fighters. Seeing the tapes also gives me the opportunity to assess the fighting style being used and the holds certain individuals (and hopefully future opponents) are likely to use.
Have been bodybuilding quite considerably lately and now weigh in at a solid 200lbs/90kg - looking fairly defined at that weight which you will see when I send you the new photos. Please feel free to pass on my e-mail address to those of your wrestler's who may be travelling to London as I would like to wrestle them at the soonest most likely opportunity. (UK)

just checked out - got a preference for male - muscular well trained - real judofighters so my favourites are:
benjamin, and joris - very athletic, muscular and great ground skills in fighting, on place 3: miguel. (Austria)

I got the tapes yesterday. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.

I do hope you are able to take credit cards in the future--that would certainly make it easier for those of us outside of France! PayPal is a great system-
I use them to receive and send auction payments all the time.

Thanks for all your help!

P.S. Your English is terrific. (USA)

Like your wrestlers very much, especially Pascal and Tor. Would like to see them in the following scenario.

They enter a room with a wrestling mat, dressed in T-shirts and jeans/cutoffs, barefoot, trash talking and shoving each other around. Rip off each others
shirts and then pose and flex. Trash talk some more, pull off their pants to reveal T-briefs.

Wrestle for 10 minutes, evenly matched. Tor claims Pascal is getting excited, Pascal says so are you, so what? Tor replies, so you might want to fight in
smaller thong T-briefs, see which of us is really best man. Pascal says, in that case we strength-fight, and the winner puts on the holds that
excite him most on the loser.

Tor agrees, and they decide 3 falls or submissions, using side headlocks, interlocked fingers, Japanese
strangleholds, bearhugs, bodyscissors, full nelsons, backbreakers, single hand chinlocks, single hand
throat grips, single hand camel clutches, boston crabs.

Then they get into their sexy thong T-backs, flex and pose, and Pascal says, now we agree our holds.
They agree to pec claws, pec slaps, pec to pec grind, butt claws while face to face and from behind, butt slaps, muscle worship while fighting, tongue
wrestling, and pouch to pouch and pouch to butt grinding. They agree that climax inside theirpouches counts as a fall.

They agree first wrestler to 2 falls is winner.

Winner dominates loser in wrestle holds and muscle worship/pouch grind sessions after the bout until they are both too exhausted and sexually spent to continue.
They wear their thong T-backs throughout the action.

Any chance of these 2 wrestlers or any other 2 evenly matched of your wrestlers filming a fight like this?

Best wishes. (UK)

I LOVE YOUR website and videos. Pascal is fantastic. C'est magnifique!
Is there any possible way I can obtain a picture of Miguel? He is fantastic.
Thank you (USA)

I apologize for not writing back to you sooner, but things have been so hectic with my daughters coming home for the summer.
I can't tell you how much I enjoy the new tapes....and it is hard to tell you which tape is better than the rest, they are all just terrific.
Of course by now I have some favorite wrestlers, but all of them that wrestle for you are excellent... You can tell they love what they are doing, and
that they put 100% into each and every match. My favorite wrestlers are Pascal, Tor, Bruno, and Tom. I prefer to see
heavier guys wrestle, just my personal choice....but like I said....they are all excellent.
Give them all my best and let them know, we here in the states, think they are awesome wrestlers.

Keep the tapes coming!!! (USA)

I really liked your videos, well made, interesting submission wrestling and the best bodies ever sawn on videos.
I will place a new order very soon. i would like to know if you have other videos plus what I can see your site.
My best regards.
PS about your Italian it is acceptable, for sure better than my French. (Italy)

you have a very exciting production.
it is a refreshing change from the phony wrestling offered on television. (USA)

I have to confess that Pascal is one of my favourites. His matches with Tor and Bruno were incredibly exciting! I must say, though, the match between Miguel and Christophe had the same effect, because of the levels of aggression. In general, I do
like well-built, hairy men - although actually it's so hard to find
wrestling bouts with such guys involved. If you get the opportunity in the
future, please find a really hard, hung, hairy guy for Pascal to grapple
with! (UK)

Hello from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!
I received the videos on Thursday and was impressed.
I am a wrestler myself and I participated in a few tournaments this year. I am always looking for new challenges. Do any of your wrestlers travel to the USA?

I am 180 cm tall, and weigh 90 kg -- very strong, muscular body. I think I am most closly matched with Pascal.
Pascal, I would like to challenge you to a match!
If you don't travel to the USA, how can I plan a match with you in France?

Hepe to hear from you soon. (USA)

This is B* from the USA who is a devoted fan of Wrestlers and Lutteurs and who has been very happy with the videos I've ordered and received from you. It's been some time since we've written to each other. A couple of months ago you mentioned that it was a good possibility that Ali and Pascal would meet each other in a match...that would for sure be my Dream Match, one that I would LOVE to see. Have they wrestled yet, or is there still the possibility that they will?

I hope all is well with you.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, (USA)

The tapes have arrived this morning.
Had a look at them already and very pleased with them; thank you. I wrestle myself and really appreciated the technical and brawling abilities of your fighters. Especially enjoyed Benjamin vs Joris, Miguel vs Ara, Geoffrey vs Sylvain and best of all Miguel vs Christophe, and Christophe vs Cheme. What a cocky bastard Christophe is! He's got too big for his boots and needs slapping down I think. Wouldn't mind doing it myself.
Anyway thanks for the vids again and I'll be looking out for any further releases.
Best regards, (UK)

I have viewed the videos. I like them very much. They are different than anything else available in the states..... (USA)

I send you some comments on 'Baston 2' : the bout between Christophe and Cheme was particulary exciting (really aggressive), and the use of the camera at a higher level added to the performance. (USA)

How are things in your part of the world? Things here in California couldn't be better...especially since I have your 5 GREAT tapes to watch.

I'm anxious to see Miguel in Querelle #1, but I'm waiting until a few more new tapes come out and then I'll order all at one time.

Hey guy, you sure as hell got me all excited and in a fever when you told me there MIGHT be a match between Ali and Pascal. The very thought of those two entwined and in head scissors and in leg scissors makes me breathe a little harder and gives a flutter to the old heart! I really, really hope that the match becomes a reality. Keep me informed, OK?

Take care, friend.

Talk to you again soon.

Warmest wishes, [...] (USA)

I received the tapes. They are absolutely great! I'll definitely have to order more in the future. Thanks. (Hong-Kong)

Hi, this is what I call good service!!! Great! The videos are great! Here are the names of the guys I liked most: Joris, Benjamin and Miguel. Keep me informed when you release a new video. Thanks so much. (Netherlands)

the videos are great, thanks. as a wrestler, i can tell that the bouts are more competitive than any other wrestling production. The lighter guys tend to fight more competitively, especially Miguel and the blond pretty boys. but some of the black fighters are good too-especially the brothers. (Netherlands)

My favourite fighter is Tor (i think his name changes from one fight to another). He's heavy for me (i'm 75kg) but if he ever gets to london and wants a fight i'll wrestle him at my gym. regards. (U.K.)

Well I am now safely back in New York and the first thing I wanted to do was watch a tape (before unpacking!)
I watched Machomachie 5 - It is fantastic!
It was well worth the wait!!!!
Just wanted to let you know that!

I now know that I would not do very well against Elvis! (but would enjoy trying)

Look forward to seeing more tapes as they become available.
Kindest regards my friends. (USA)

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the videos I ordered....well worth the wait! I wrestle myself and it is great to see
...real wrestling as it should be....I will be getting my next order be on the look out for it.....I want to order Braule 1, Baston 1
and MachoMachie 5.
I hope your getting plenty of orders from us here in the is just
great! Thanks again... (USA)


I just wanted to let you know that I received your tapes today. They arrived safely and in good condition...I have just finished seeing Machomachie5....fantastic tape!! Great wrestlers and great it possible to contact the wrestlers?? I am looking forward to ordering your next tapes as soon as they are available. Thank you for making such great tapes!! (USA)

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tapes I ordered from your company here in the States. Let me tell you, they were well worth the wait.
Although, I initially only ordered next order is ready to go.
The wrestling and quality of the tapes are just excellent. The matches go the distance, with good aggressive wrestling, the way it should be. I wish
you all continued success and great wrestling. (USA)

I think most of your guys look very muscular, which makes for better entertainment. I personally prefer muscular, dark haired, with hairy chest. (USA)

The 5 tapes arrived yesterday.
I am completely satisfied!!! I am very, very pleased with the quality and the product. I love the matches, especially Miguel, Pascal, and Ali : I like a little hair on my wrestlers! ;-)
I am so happy to hear that there will be more new tapes available soon. I will wait to order Baston 2 until some of the others are made available also.
Stay in touch, and know that you have one very happy customer here in the States.
Take care.

Sincerely, [...] (USA)

I would like to see Pascal (hairy chest) and Christophe (cocky attitude), take on Kaya, in a 2V1 match. Both performing their moves on Kaya together,
at the same time!!! It would be great to see Pascal's arms and hairy chest in action, and Christophe smirk and giggle when Kaya is suffering the wrestling moves.

Would you consider introducing hair pulling. I think, it would be great to see Christophe pull Kaya's hair, when Pascal is performing some wrestling holds. This would be popular. (USA)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch 2 of your videos with my friend *** (N.J./USA). They were excellent. The matches themselves were genuine and our style and the quality of the video was excellent. We have ordered more!

I wondered if in the future you would consider having older wrestlers/beefier wrestlers just to add to the variety . Please let me know as I would definately look to purchase videos with older and bigger wrestlers as well.

Congratulations on a great series. (USA)

I've now had the chance of watching 'Baston 2'. Once again, you've produced
a masterpiece in combat, with superb video quality. The use of the high-level
camera enhances the whole experience. I have not seen better combat videos
anywhere - and that's the truth.

Cash for 'Querelle 1' will be on its way tomorrow. Look forward to receiving
that in due course.

Best wishes, [...] (UK)

I recieved my order today, May 8th. The tapes were in good condition and I enjoy them very much. Thank-you, [...] (USA)

No doubt! The best are Miguel et Benjamin: they are very strong, tecnical and aggressive.Dominique the most sympa! Thanks. (Italy)

Dear W & L
Thanks for this.
I think your videos are superb - both in terms of the quality of wrestlers
and production. I think a bout between Benjamin and Jorg would be fantastic
- also either of these with Pascal or Sylvain, who are also terrific.
See what you can do!
Best wishes
London, UK

Favourite wrestlers are Joris, Miguel, Benjamin & Pascal. I like their skilled use of various holds & techniques. One question! The guys don't use leglocks very often. Is there any reason why? Looking forward to seeing your next tapes. Thanks. (U.K.)

My favourite wrestlers are: pascal, omar, tor, miguel and I prefer realistic match like combat 2 of baston 1 (pascal-ghislain). But I hope you realize a realistic match among pascal, omar, tor and miguel. Many thanks.(Italy)

I enjoyed BASTON 1 the best. The first bout with Miguel & Benjamin was most entertaining. It contained fast action with various throws as well as ground action. Regards.(U.K.)

Many wrestlers of yours have magnificent bodies and particularly Elvis and Pascal and Benjamin and Joris and Miguel and so on... My favorite wrestlers are Pascal and Miguel because their cute face contrast with their hairy chests and thighs and muscular body and because they are good and tough wrestlers. Best wishes.(Netherlands)

I've received the videos last Friday and I've just seen them. Fantastic! It's what I want: real grappling, real competition, real sport! Even if I'm not at the same level of the grapplers of the videos, I'm a grappler too and I'd like to have a match with someone like me: 175 cm and 70 Kg. Till then, I'll start again with my training on next week. I'll continue to visit your site and hope to find any other video I like. With compliments. (Italy)

My prefered video is Castagne2; my prefered bouts are the combat n° 1 and n° 3 of Castagne2; the combat n° 1 of Lutteurs 8; my prefered wrestlers are Joris, Pascal and Sylvain. (Italy)

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