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Exclusive to W&L TV

Combat 1


Combat 1: 25 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

Ronald de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Christophe de la Fosse aux Molosses.

  Neither Ronald's experience, nor his fantastic muscularity, can intimidate young Christophe; proud and domineering by nature, he regards himself as more than equal to the challenge. At one point Ronald, having just scored, comes up to the young stud and offers him his hand in sympathy. Needless to say, Christophe couldn't care less about sympathy, and instead offers his own hand - this time to deliver a hell of a smack to Ronald's head!

Combat 2


Combat 2: 30 minutes.


  Geoffrey de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Miguel du Kosto des Lascards.

  Geoffrey still seems rather young to be taking on the likes of Miguel. However, we soon learn that, in this game, courage takes no notice of age, and it's not long before the young lion has established himself as a more than worthy opponent. It's an intense fight, and neither wrestler is willing to give so much as an inch. With this amount of skill and determination on display - together with probably the highest number of falls seen in any bout so far - we would defy anyone to predict the outcome!

Combat 3


Combat 3: 29 minutes.


  Elvis du Kosto des Lascards vs Robert des Castagneux Sentimentaux.

  Who can ever forget the sight of Elvis's magnificent physique; pecs like two solid marble paperweights and abs which only a god could aspire to? Certainly not Robert, that's for sure! With no time at all to stand and admire, he's soon drawn into a fierce struggle for dominance, and with Elvis forcing the pace throughout, this is a very tough match indeed. Physically, Robert may not possess his opponent's incredible definition, but his skills more than compensate for this and, as momentum builds still further, an intense craving for victory positively radiates from each ebony grappler. Electrifying!




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