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Exclusive to W&L TV

combat 1


combat 1: 28 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV 

 Geoffrey de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Joris du Kosto des Lascards.

  Here we have two of W&L’s most handsome and determined fighters, pitted against each other in a match which, even from outset (indeed, even during the warm-ups!) comes equipped with a palpable sense of occasion. Each guy takes his time to prepare and focus (the speed of Joris’s press-ups alone is pretty awesome), and around them their acolytes buzz like hyperactive bees. One look at Joris’s face confirms what we already suspect of both fighters – a solid determination to humiliate and defeat the opposition. Even his brief moments of clowning around can’t hide the build-up of tension and anticipation between these seasoned campaigners; after all, they know each other’s game too well by now!

  As battle commences, Joris attempts to bulldoze his way through his opponent’s defences with some pretty dazzling throws. Geoffrey, however, is more than capable of navigating his way through the onslaught, and over the course of the bout there’s plenty of variety; more terrific throws, holds and reversals applied at dizzying speed, and displays of strength and breathtaking agility in just about equal measure. On the ground, where the fighters start to sweat it out at extremely close quarters, there’s some terrific camerawork - so much so that, by the time the battle’s mutated into an exciting (but very personal and highly charged) encounter, one almost becomes a voyeur to their more intimate agenda of pain and destruction.  

  With this level of expertise, energy and determination on display – not to mention the constant stream of encouragement from the excited crowd to the gladiators now covered in sweat – it’s easy to imagine this clash as having come straight from the palaestra of Ancient Greece, rather than the gymnasia of France (except for the fighters’ shorts, that is!).

combat 2


combat 2: 23 minutes.


Exclusive to W&L TV

  Benoît des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Sylvain 2 de la Fosse aux Molosses.

  Just when you thought it safe to come out from behind the sofa, it’s time for yet another clash of egos and, with it, a sensational display of bravado and machismo. Oh, and the fighting’s pretty good too!

  Both youngsters are very well matched, mentally as well as physically. In the initial stages, Benoit might just have the edge when it comes to sheer cockiness (he really does radiate such a cheeky sense of self-importance!), but of course it takes no time at all before this is swept away by Sylvain’s more serious approach and desire to wipe the smile off his opponent’s face once and for all.

  Unlike Bout 1, all the talk comes from the combatants themselves; the audience seems too rapt in concentration to make a sound. As with the first bout, however, the fighters are not long in getting to grips on an increasingly slippery mat for what each hopes will be a truly decisive – and, preferably, painful – submission. It would take a very brave man indeed to predict the outcome of this one! 

combat 3


combat 3: 26 minutes.


  Ara des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Robert des Castagneux Sentimentaux.

  There’s definitely a touch of the ‘David and Goliath’ about this third and final bout; Ara – although pretty solid and physically defined himself; a fighter with that all-important killer instinct – is nevertheless giving away a significant height/weight advantage to the elegantly proportioned Robert, and certainly in the initial stages there’s the sense that the larger guy is biding his time (definitely reactive, rather than proactive), preferring instead to patronise the insistent Ara with his (literally!) laid-back approach.

  Having said that, this is clearly a match that showcases the sheer bloody-mindedness and iron resolve of the smaller guy against what at first sight appears to be insurmountable odds. Throughout the match, Ara assumes the dominant position and constantly enquires as to the condition of his opponent: “You OK?”, asks the impertinent Ara. “Just fine!”, replies cool-headed Robert.

  You can’t help but wonder, though, what’s really going through Robert’s mind as, slowly but surely, his replies sound just that little less convincing as time wears on and defences begin to crumble!




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