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Exclusive to W&L TV

combat 1


combat 1: 29 minutes .


Exclusive to W&L TV

Benoît des Mâtins Terrifiques vs Yung des Typhons et Pythons


  Very early on in this first bout, you realise just how much both of these human dynamos have relished the prospect of an encounter such as this. These guys are perfectly matched, both physically and mentally. Yung’s tremendously compact, muscular physique offsets Benoit’s marginal height/weight advantage to perfection, and each applies himself with the intensity and driven, no-nonsense approach borne of ambition, sheer bloody-mindedness and – perhaps, one might imagine – a score to settle!


  As with the very best of lightweight matches, it’s the speed and skill of the fighters which dazzle and amaze in equal measure. Their seemingly limitless energy drives the match forward, whilst their dual talents as punisher and escapologist almost defy belief!  Don’t be at all surprised if the song ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’ springs to mind, such is the apparent ease with which they mimic and/or reverse each other’s crucifying holds – and to such devastating effect!


  It’s the explosive release of pent-up energy (let alone sweat!) that fuels this exhilarating match without almost a single breath being drawn. This is flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants stuff, with the momentum being maintained right up to the breathtaking, noisy – and, for W&L, unprecedented – finale!

combat 2


combat 2: 25 minutes .


Exclusive to W&L TV

Chême des Typhons et Pythons vs Miguel du Kosto des Lascards


  For the second bout we move to the middleweight arena and an intriguing clash of personalities and styles. Miguel – beloved of W&L fans everywhere – faces the irrepressible Cheme and his singular approach to psychological (as well as physically sadistic) warfare!


  Cheme – with a height/weight advantage over Miguel - launches his campaign with a look on his face that only a mother could love (but the rest of the world - Miguel included - could willingly punch; he’s just so cocky!). Of course, at the same time, he’s no fool. He knows better than anyone Miguel’s track record (with his vast experience and efficient methods of dispatching opponents on the mat), and so wastes no time in deploying trick after trick in the hope of wrong-footing his well-seasoned, relentless adversary.


  At the outset, Miguel – always the cool customer – avoids Cheme’s gaze, ignores the barrage of taunting abuse and gets down to the task in hand. That Miguel himself becomes more demonstrative as time goes on (when, for example, he scores over Cheme and punches the air with venomous relish) speaks volumes! Of course, by this stage, Miguel’s agenda is clear: he’s out to crush this little upstart and he’s going to do it in style!


  The wrestling is, not surprisingly, intense, sweaty and able to shift into higher and higher gears as time goes on. The big question, though, is whether Miguel’s reputation as one of W&L’s pre-eminent wrestlers will be strengthened by the end of the day, or be torn apart by his younger opponent’s daring, cocky and – some might argue – reckless approach?

combat 3


combat 3: 25 minutes .


Exclusive to W&L TV

Pascal du Kosto des Lascards vs Alex des Typhons et Pythons


  We’re in with the big boys for this third and final bout! Pascal’s no shrinking violet (as all you W&L fans out there are only too aware), but nonetheless you can’t help wondering if, on this occasion, he’s bitten off just a little more than even he can chew!


  Alex is a man-mountain. A man-mountain with attitude, in fact. Anyone finding themselves on the other side of a mat to this guy would be forgiven for leaving the gym post-haste and taking on another identity, probably on Mars! But not, we’re glad to say, good old Pascal.


  This is slower, determined power-wrestling on a grand scale, with each guy squeezing every ounce of energy from himself (as well as the breath from his opponent!) in order to gain the upper hand. There are some terrific ground-level close-ups, revealing in graphic detail the ‘going-for-broke’ aspect of this truly titanic, sweat-soaked struggle between hairy-chested, tattooed Pascal and his behemoth of an opponent.


  As the final whistle approaches, both men shrug-off exhaustion and somehow manage to propel themselves with renewed vigour towards the finishing line. And as finishes go, this is as close as it gets! (Incidentally, keep your eye out for a moment of misunderstanding between the wrestlers - right on the whistle – which not only illustrates each guy’s burning determination to win, it also provides the viewer with a much-needed dose of light relief!)