Machomachie 4    







Combat 1


Combat 1: 26 minutes.


  Benjamin des Mātins Terrifiques vs Joris du Kosto des Lascards.

  If what you’re looking for is a clash of amazing young musclestuds, then you’ve come to the right place! Joris might have the slight weight advantage, but in terms of definition, stamina and sheer grappling skill, there’s simply nothing to separate these two. No time is wasted; within seconds both warriors have hit the mat in a tangle of limbs and chiselled torsos. Moves and counter-moves of breathtaking agility follow in quick succession, with both men totally absorbed in the task at hand and completely oblivious to the audience of enthralled fellow grapplers. Terrific close-up shots allow you to feel the scorching heat of battle first-hand, and the sweat positively flies in your face! 

  This is a superb demonstration of classic freestyle grappling carried out in an atmosphere of intense competition. Quite outstanding.

Combat 2


Combat 2: 30 minutes.


  Elvis du Kosto des Lascards vs Alex des Typhons et Pythons.

  From speed and agility, we’re now drawn by the magnetism of uninhibited male power. Alex is very much the street brawler - Elvis, a magnificent specimen of manhood. Together, they provide a fantastic trial of strength which seems never to end. After a cautious start, the momentum gathers pace and both fighters adopt a brutal agenda of powerful muscle-grappling, These guys might have a great deal of respect for each other, but that in no way impares their levels of determination and aggression.

  This is an immensely raw battle, with both wrestlers fighting long and hard in the truest spirit of ‘manu-a-manu’.

Combat 3


Combat 3: 25 minutes.


  Ara des Mātins Terrifiques vs Miguel du Kosto des Lascards.

  At the outset of this third scrap, you might be tempted to put money on the older and more experienced Miguel. As previous bouts have proved, he’s fantastically tough, resilient and with an immense armoury of devastating moves and holds. Well, don’t be fooled! From the outset, Ara launches assault after assault which, at first, startles Miguel and leaves him uncharateristically vulnerable. True to form, though, Miguel fights back with interest, and pretty soon both grapplers have the measure of their prey.

  And so the scene is set for the real fighting to begin! It’s obvious that neither fighter is prepared to conceed so much as an inch, such is his taste for victory and the opportunity to brutally humilliate an opponent!

  This is a one-fall bout, which sees both protagonists stretched to the limits of near exhaustion.



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